Sreenshot of the online meeting.

14 October 2022
DUE MARI Project meeting

On Monday, 14th of October 2022, project partners held an online coordination meeting.

Project partners discussed ongoing activities and concerns of the project. Currently, the partners are in the process of obtaining FLC certificates and signing agreements. Innova Puglia, who is in charge of WP1, presented the status of the DUE MARI platform. Molise Region presented the review of the activities for WP2, and the activities to be done next. The Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism (MNE) reminded partners of the obligation regarding communication activities. Project partners also talked about the status of the pilot projects.

Partners agreed that they will form the Work Group, that will be holding technical meetings, regarding the development of the project platform. The first Technical online meeting is scheduled for 28th of October 2022.

Partners also talked about the location and date of the next face-to-face meeting. It was agreed that it will be held in Italy, by the end of the November 2022, and that it will be hosted by Molise Region.  

Partners will continue cooperation and will be holding regular online meetings every month to ensure further implementation of project activities.