Screenshot from the meeting

07 December 2022
DUE MARI Project meeting

On Wednesday, 7th of December 2022, project partners held an online coordination meeting.

The lead partner, Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, made an overview of the finalised and ongoing activities of the project. Partner Molise Region presented the requirements for partners to conclude WP2 (T2) activities, and Innova Puglia, the partner who is in charge of WP1, presented the possible layouts of the DUE MARI platform. Puglia Region led the discussion on the Point of Interest’s classification in categories for the project platform, for which each partner gave their input.

The meeting was concluded with the talks about the agenda and the dates of the face-to-face meeting that will be held in Montenegro in January. In the following months, partners will continue cooperation and will be holding regular online meetings every month to ensure timely implementation of project activities.