Screenshot from the project meeting

24 March 2021
DUE MARI project meeting



Due to the current restrictions related to COVID-19 Due Mari project partners are holding regular online meetings.

On Wednesday, 21st of January project partners held an online project meeting. The topics discussed in the meeting were: reporting activities, new partnership agreement, last meeting with JS, minor budget changes and future activities.

DUE MARI partners are currently preparing a project progress report which includes a period up to 31.03.21, and the process of signing the new partnership agreement has been concluded. Partners were also discussing First-year review meeting and the ways to improve future implementation and communication activities. The current situation with COVID-19 pandemic has caused delay in implementing some planned project activates which automatically caused the need for minor budget changes. The Last topic discussed in the meeting were future activities and deadlines.

Partners agreed that the next online project meeting will be held on 16th of April 2021.