Screenshot from the 7th EUSAIR Forum in Tirana

14 June 2022
Promotion of DUE MARI project on the second day of the 7th EUSAIR Forum in Tirana

DUE MARI project promoted on the second day of the 7th EUSAIR Forum in Tirana, on a panel "Tourism through Policies and Trends. The Role of Tourism and Culture in the Revision of the EUSAIR Action Plan."

Maja Kovačević, Independent Advisor at the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism and a member of Thematic Working Group 4 - Sustainable Tourism within EUSAIR, spoke about the cross-border cooperation in project "DUE MARI - Next Generation Tourism Development", from the aspect of cultural tourism.

Ms Maja emphasised that one of the main results of the project is creating a unique virtual 360 digital platform that will consist of a virtual tour of locations from Montenegro, Albania and the Italian regions of Puglia and Molise. The locations will include sites of cultural and historical significance, but also a number of sites of natural importance.

She pointed out the importance of the project from 3 aspects - increasing the visibility of mostly lesser-known micro-destinations through the platform, the importance of greater use of innovation and digitalization in tourism, and the fact that collecting materials for the project helped in identifying the needs for better protection and valorisation of existing cultural and natural assets.

Ms Maja also pointed out that the revision of the Action Plan must put emphasis on the diversification of the touristic offer, innovation, and digitalization all in purpose of improving and developing tourism in the region.